2.2. Dependencies

2.2.1. Python version

The SuMPF package is currently developed and tested with Python 3.7. Most features should be available with Python 3.6 as well.

2.2.2. Other packages and tools

Many core features of SuMPF depend on numpy and connectors. Importing SuMPF will fail, if these packages are not available.

Other packages are optional, but not installing them, will reduce the number of features of SuMPF.

  • some computations require scipy.
  • saving certain audio files requires soundfile.
  • numexpr is used for performance gains.
  • playing back and recording audio signals is done with jack.
  • the setup is done with setuptools.
  • the tests are run with pytest.
    • thorough testing is achieved with hypothesis.
    • the test coverage is assessed with pytest-cov.
    • the code is analyzed with Pylint and flake8.
    • spell-checking is done with pyenchant.
  • the documentation is built with sphinx.